Ghost of Orion Book Give-A-Way!

It's a month before the planned publishing date for Doug L. Hoffman's latest science fiction adventure book and Resilient Earth Press is pleased to announced that there is a give-a-way contest being held on Goodreads. We were so pleased by the results of the M'tak Ka'fek give-a-way we decided to do it again. Ten lucky entrants will get a free copy of the trade paperback version of Ghosts of Orion shipped right to their homes. Read on for more about the novel and how to enter.

The natives of planet Earth have survived their debut as a spacefaring species, barely. Having eradicated the Dark Lords' minions from surrounding space humanity is ready to send out its first colonists. Ahead of the colonists' ship another starship, the Peggy Sue, owned by the Orion Arm Trading Company, arrives in the chosen system and finds something very strange about the planet selected to be humanity's first outpost among the stars. It has a perfect atmosphere, clear blue oceans and not too much gravity—and absolutely no indigenous life.

The merchants on board the Peggy Sue are led by former Navy officers: Captain Billy Ray Vincent, First Officer Beth Melaku, Sailing Master Bobby Danner and Science Officer Mizuki Ogawa. Their experience on previous voyages and fighting aliens has made them wary of inexplicable things, but the colonists soon arrive and start building their settlements on the planet they name Paradise. Not quite trusting the colonists on their own, Captain Vincent takes the Peggy Sue to survey the outer reaches of the system. There they find even more strange things, while back on Paradise the colonists' presence awakens something long dead.

Set in the same Universe as the popular T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy, join the crew of the starship Peggy Sue as they travel to the stars on new adventures. Familiar characters are joined by new as the crew seeks their fortunes among the stars of the Orion Arm. Awaiting the intrepid crew are strange alien races to discovery, new mysteries to solve, and new dangers to over come. Join them in the Ghosts or Orion, first book in the T'aafhal Legacy series.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Ghosts of Orion by Doug L. Hoffman

Ghosts of Orion

by Doug L. Hoffman

Giveaway ends August 01, 2014.

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Also, check out the new lower pricing on Parker's Folly, the very first book in the T'aafhal universe. It contains the back stories on many of the characters in Ghosts of Orion.

Great SciFi

I've read all three of Doug's previous books and they were great, classic scifi. I can't wait for this new one to come out.