Message To ISIS, Allen Simmons' New Thriller Released.

Resilient Earth Press is pleased to announce that Message to ISIS, Allen Simmons' latest novel has been released. In this action packed thriller, ripped from today's headlines, Simmons calls on his personal knowledge of Saudi Arabia and the oil business to craft a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It's available now on as a Kindle eBook.

The middle East is aflame with Islamic terrorism, nations are being ripped apart, and the international oil markets are on the verge of chaos. CIA Agent Lisa Moore is sent to Texas and Saudi Arabia on a secret mission by her boss, where assassins try to killer her to keep her from discovering a plot to drive up the world's oil prices. In Saudi Arabia she meets Rick Stone, an expat construction engineer who is involved in some shady dealings of his own. Together they uncover how ISIS plans to conquer the Middle East, and eventually rule the entire world. But things are not so simple, as multiple plots are discovered involving oil men, Saudi princes and US covert operatives. Lisa and Rick find love and fight to thwart those who would kill them. Can they succeed in sending a Message to ISIS?

Here is an excerpt from the book:

   Lisa said, “Rick! What the hell are you doing?”
   He didn’t answer. He slid over the port side, slipped on his mask, cleared it and the regulator, then took some air and disappeared beneath the Red Sea.
   Under water, he leveled off at thirty feet and followed the sound of the thundering inboard engines until they were idling above him. He heard the dull thump of a rifle shot and knew he had to act fast.
   He came up under the boat and saw the twin screws and short shafts. The gasoline tanks, he figured, ran down the center of the hull. He tightened his grip on the bang stick and blew a one foot hole forward of the starboard engine. He saw a flash of light above him. He armed the stick and blew a second hole, just forward of the port engine and the explosion above him smacked his ears and stunned him for a second. He drifted down to twenty-five feet, looked up and saw glowing red and yellow.
   He’d hoped for grand fireworks, but the boat was sinking fast; stern first.
   To make sure it would go to the bottom, two thousand feet below him, he blasted a hole in the bow so any trapped air could vent.
   He then located the sound of Hatan’s idling outboard engine and swam toward it.
   His hand gripped the side of Hatan. “Lisa! Take my diving gear.”
   She took his tank, fins and regulator and helped him into the boat. “Thank God you’re back. The shooting stopped, what happened?”
   “They sprung a leak.”
   “Rick! Those men are on fire.”
   “I see them.” He stuck his finger in the hole in the spray-shield. “Any more holes in our boat?”
   “Who are they; should we try to save them?”
   “Save them? Those guys would cut out your kidney and sell it for a dollar.”
   “Jeez, Rick.”

Action, intrigue and pulse pounding tension, Message to ISIS has it all. If you are a lover of action adventure and spy thrillers you will not be able to put Message to ISIS down. Available only on

Message to ISIS

This book will grab your attention.
The Middle East is ready to explode.
This book reveals how.