Nancy Pelosi Pimps Her Book While Country Suffers

She still doesn't get it. Bush issues an Executive Order to remove the ban on off shore drilling and oil drops $40 a barrel and gasoline drops 40 cents a gallon. Her argument is that oil companies have plenty of off shore leases but haven't drilled. Hey Nancy, are you that stupid, or is it just an act. If there was oil under those leases you best believe oil companies would be drilling. There is a thing called "technology" in the oil patch. Guys have something called "instruments" that tells them where the reservoir might be. Get it? Can you put that together? And what's all this worry about a drill rig 50 miles off shore.

Down here in Texas, we have drill rigs 200 yeads off shore from multi million dollar homes. Texas leads the world in wind farms, because we Texans understand "energy" — all kinds of energy. It's something called a "mix" Nancy, so we can make a logical "transition" away from fossil fuels. Can you understand the word "transition?" Can you make the transition from stupidity and pettiness to decisions that will help our country and not harm it? Can you really, or would you rather pimp your book and not lead? Tell you how you can stop harming our country. Resign from Congress.