The Queen's Daemon, Doug L. Hoffman's latest SF novel released.

Resilient Earth Press is pleased to announce that The Queen's Daemon, Doug Hoffman's fifth novel and the second book of the T'aafhal Legacy, is now available for purchase online at The voyage of the Peggy Sue continues under the command of Captain Billy Ray Vincent. The story resumes a year after the events on the deadly planet Paradise, chronicled in book one, Ghosts of Orion. The Peggy Sue has gone farther away from Earth than any human built ship, “almost one hundred light-years as the crow flies,” as Captain Vincent observed. After stopping to fill up on deuterium at an icy moon circling an unnamed planet of an insignificant remnant of a dead star, the Captain decides to head back to Earth and home.

On the way they pass through Alpha Phoenicis, a binary star system in the constellation of the phoenix. There they receive a signal that could only have come from an artifact of the T'aafhal, the mysterious vanished alien race whose actions thrust humanity onto the galactic stage. They immediately change course for the signal's point of origin—a small planet orbiting a red dwarf that is the companion star to the system's main orange giant. What they don't know is that they are about to find themselves in the midst of an interplanetary invasion, and an ambush by an undetectable Dark Lord ship that strands Mizuki on the planet's surface. A raging battle for succession among the natives is complicated by meddling “daemons” from another planet in the system. The Queen's Daemon is the second book of the T'aafhal Legacy series, the sequel to the popular T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy.

Here are the author's comments about this new science fiction adventure novel:

The Queen's Daemon follows the further adventures of the crew of the Peggy Sue, Earth's first star ship and now an armed merchant ship exploring the Orion Arm for the Orion Arm Trading Company. A year has passed since the events retold in the first book of this series, Ghosts of Orion, and Captain Billy Ray Vincent and company are a hundred light-years from home. I wanted to show that the Galaxy is a big place and the earthlings' ship a small bastion of life in the vastness of space. The same human impulse to explore, to push further into the unknown, that drove people during the age of sail drives the crew of the Peggy Sue.

After refueling on an ice moon in an unnamed star system they head back toward Earth, thinking they have little to show for a year in space. Transiting the Alpha Phoenicis system—a binary star system consisting of an orange giant and a red dwarf—their plans are changed when they receive a message that could only have come from a T'aafhal installation. They head for the planet where the signal originated, hoping to find valuable information regarding the long vanished T'aafhal, the alien race who thrust humanity and their polar bear companions into a galactic war that has been raging for millions of years. Arriving at the alien planet things spin out of control as war rages in space and on the surface.

In the previous book, I gave my central characters—Billy Ray, Beth, Mizuki, Bobby, and the others—a short break from having to fight malicious aliens. I used Ghosts to more fully establish the relationships among the officers and crew, while introducing a number of new characters who will figure into the larger series story arc. The Queen's Daemon is a return to the central themes of the T'aafhal Legacy series: humans exploring a hostile galaxy; the constant threat posed by the Dark Lords and their minions; the quest to find out what happened to the T'aafhal, why they tampered with humanity's destiny and then vanished. For those who missed the space battles and alien combat of the T'aafhal Inheritance novels, this book should satisfy those longings.

Not only do the Dark Lords return to imperil our heroes, but they have fomented an interplanetary war among two less developed alien races. The earthlings are caught in the crossfire and have to quickly figure out how to deal with alien weapons they have never encountered before, while some members of the crew crash on the planet where the T'aafhal artifact is hidden. In some ways Mizuki is the central character of this book, for she ends up on a knight's quest, the type of adventure she had always dreamed about. In the end, the four central characters solidify their relationships and are forged into a team that is ready and willing to pursue the mystery that haunts all mankind—what happened to the T'aafhal? But that is a tale for the next book in the series.

Here is an excerpt from The Queen's Daemon:

The others rose and quickly exited the cabin, anxious to get on with the needed repairs. The door slid shut, leaving Bobby and Billy Ray alone for the first time since before the enemy engagement.

"How're you holding up, pardner?"

Bobby looked his friend directly in the eye.

"I'm OK, been too busy to think about it."

"We're going to get her back."

"Yeah, but first we've got to repair the ship and neutralize the alien threat. I understand, Billy Ray, I've had a ship of my own."

"Sure thing, Bobby. I just wanted to make sure you knew we're going after Mizuki and the others. We don't leave our own behind."

Bobby smiled wanly.

"Damn straight, Captain. So let's fix the ship, kill us some aliens, and then go find my girl."

The Queen's Daemon is available as a Kindle eBook and a trade paperbackfrom If you liked the T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy and Ghosts of Orion, you will love The Queen's Daemon. Though it's not necessary to have read the earlier books in the series to enjoy The Queen's Daemon, if you haven't read the first four books you can find them on Amazon as well.

Another great book!!

Doug Hoffman has again created a great book. After writing the other books,meh has come out with another sequel to his other books. It is a most enjoyable and fun reads, that you can find. It is a book that you want to never set down. I just wish that he could write the coming sequels sooner. I love all the characters that he brings to life. I would hope that I get on the preferred list of those who get the new books first.