Privacy Statement

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting the personal information you share with us. This statement describes how the Resilient Earth website collects and uses your personal information to provide information and services that you request.

When you create a user account on this website you are asked for a working email address. This address is used to send you your initial password, which can be changed after you log in for the first time. Once you have a user account you can participate in polls and post comments on blog entries and other pages. We restrict the posting of comments on our site because the controversial and emotional nature of the global warming debate sometimes leads people to exceed the bounds of polite discourse. Having to register with a working email address is a mild deterrent to people posting obscene or offensive material. The posting of obscene, overtly political or other wise offensive material will result in account deletion and banishment from the site.

We promise that this is the only purpose we will use this information for. We will never sell or otherwise reveal your account information to any third party.

A Note About Posting Links. All comments posted on this site are reviewed before publication. Comments that do not add to the discussion at hand and contain links to sites that have nothing to do with climate change, global warming or energy production will be deleted. Links to blatantly commercial sites in signature blocks will be stripped or the post discarded altogether. References to other pertinent sites, on either side of the debate, are welcome.

Sincerely, Al & Doug