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In 2008 your hosts, Al Simmons and Doug L. Hoffman, published The Resilient Earth, a book dedicated to science, the wonders of our planet and uncovering the facts about anthropogenic global warming (AGW). This web site was created to provide information about the book, give the authors a further platform to express their views and connect with readers and other interested parties. Paperback and Kindle eBook versions of the book are available from Amazon.com or you can order it from your local bookstore. So far both the book and the web site have been rousing successes and we thank you all.

The Resilient Earth had its genesis in a number of events spanning several years. The authors have been friends and colleagues for more than three decades and, while they have often discussed writing a book together, the timing never seemed quite right. Then, at the start of 2007, the debate surrounding human-caused global warming reached a crescendo. Those who questioned the extent and causes of global warming, other than human CO2 emissions, were labeled “climate criminals,” “industry stooges,” and “traitors” by ecological activists. Those on the other side of the issue used terms like “hoax” and “scam.”

Having both worked for years on numerous engineering and scientific projects, we resolved to uncover the actual scientific underpinnings of climate science and communicate our findings to a non-scientific audience. During the process of researching and writing The Resilient Earth, we were continually amazed with how little of the real science made it into the public debate. Further surprise came from the lack of knowledge among the general public and scientists, some of whom were involved in climatology. We discovered that global warming is a topic much discussed but little understood.

What you will find posted in our blogs are commentaries on cutting edge research papers from respected scientific journals, like Science, Nature and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). We interpret the “science speak” and dissect the logic of studies and reports on the science of climate change, providing understandable explanations for the non-scientist and alternative interpretations of results that you won't get from the AGW crowd.

Occasionally we will include a little social commentary in our Crank of the Week column that shines a light on some of the more ludicrous and foolish statements by celebrities, scientists and politicians. Despite the name the Crank of the Week doesn't appear every week, only when some one or thing rises to noticeable heights of ridiculousness.

We hope that you enjoy our site, and really hope you will buy our book. Take some time to brows the older columns since there is a lot of good information back there. We also greatly appreciate comments on our articles, even if left by “Anonymous.” You may want to read our Privacy Statement before posting or becoming a member of the site—the short version is we won't give out your info to anyone else or spam you. If you want to follow our posts as they come out subscribe to the RSS feed. In any case, welcome to the site and please enjoy your time here.

About the Authors

Al Simmons and Doug L. Hoffman have known each other for more than 30 years, having first met on the island of St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands. Over the years they have often worked together on projects from the Caribbean to the Mid East. Both have lived in many places around the world and had varied careers that combined scientific, engineering and business pursuits. Al and his wife Eleanor now live in coastal Texas while Doug resides in central Arkansas.

Al and Doug in the mountains of Jordon, 2003. Photo Eleanor Simmons.

Allen Simmons

Allen Simmons, with a BSEE from the University of Miami, wrote the computer systems software for the world's first weather satellites, TIROS 1-9. TIROS-Television and Infra-Red Observation Satellite-provided background experience for developing a satellite system to monitor the Earth's weather and atmosphere that are used today. Following TIROS, he led a team of engineers and scientists to develop computer systems for the NIMBUS series of polar orbiting satellites. NIMBUS payloads were designed to collect meteorological, atmospheric, geological, oceanographic, and other environmental data to study the Earth's dynamic behavior.

Al spent twelve years working with NASA scientists developing computer systems involved with predictor models for the earth's atmosphere and selected ocean cooling and warming studies. He also developed the computer system for the Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer which resulted in the first mapping images of Mars. Later, on the island of St. Croix, he and Hoffman developed a computer system to track objects at great ocean depths. Simmons, as Director of Computer Systems for a Saudi Arabian industrial city, also guest-lectured at the University of Petromin on oil spill models he developed. You can find out more about Allen Simmons at AllenSimmons.com

Dr. Doug L. Hoffman

Doug L. Hoffman has worked professionally as a mathematician, a computer programmer, an engineer, a computer salesman, a scientist, and a college professor. Dr. Hoffman earned his undergraduate degree, a BS in Applied Mathematics, from the Florida Institute of Technology. There he cut his teeth on computer models of heat flow and urban traffic simulations. After graduating, he performed hydro-acoustic work for the U.S. Navy in the Virgin Islands, where he first met Allen Simmons. Later projects included engineering work on the Carrier Automatic Landing System and cockpit field of view simulations, and environmental models for the Saudi Arabian government.

He returned to academia in 1990, earning a Masters degree and a PhD in Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While there he did research in Molecular Dynamics Simulations and, as a member of the BioSCAN team, he helped develop and implement high-speed comparison methods for RNA, DNA, and protein sequences, work funded by the Human Genome Project. After joining the research faculty at UNC, he continued to pursue his thesis work, automated comparison of three dimensional protein molecules.

Since 2000, he has been working in industry, serving as senior grid architect for a major information processing company, publishing several papers on modeling the performance of large scale grid computers. With a life long passion for education, he has also continued to teach as an adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Hendrix College and the University of Central Arkansas. You can find out more about Doug at DLHoffman.com


I can't find a way to become a member. You have no access unless one is already a member. Is it a private club????


Due to high spam levels the auto sign up page has been disabled. Send an email via the "Contact Us" page including name, a valid email address and a desired user id. The admin will get back to you with a temp password (you can change it after first login).


Question About the Data

I am a freshman year college student doing a paper on Global Warming. I was wondering if you could tell me how exactly you recorded the data in "The Grand View: 4 Billion Years Of Climate Change" that shows the temperature and carbon levels over the Phanerozoic, and what GEOCARB III, Berner and Streif, and Rothman represent, within the carbon level graph.
Keep up the great work!
Zachary Marchetti

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Dead on

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I really love this blog. And I hope you continue to share your part of knowledge and your blog is very interesting

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Perfect Site

Excellent. I will include the site in our dictory. bezOOmer- http://bezoomer.com is the FREE - worlwide - events directory for the web.

Site Changes, September 2012

We are proud to announce the launch of the Resilient Earth Press, publishers of fiction and non-fiction books by Dr. Doug L. Hoffman and Allen Simmons. Along with the normal weekly blog posts by Dr. Hoffman, this site will now feature announcements about new works by the Resilient Earth authors.

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site commentary

As a rabid climate realist, a fellow blogger, a communications guy and a former journalist with a big daily, I have some advice - for you guys to take... or not.

You have a terrific site here.

Content wise.

But its a mess to look at and doesn't engage readers or look like a real source of knowledge.

There are many blog platforms and each has dozens of templates.

Choose one that resembles an authoritative publication or journal - NYT, WaPo, Scientific American...

Plain black on white with a standard text header.

I'm an interested party - but I can't get past your layout - it overwhelms anything you might say.

Trust you will accept this critique as constructive. You have a voice - but it needs to be heard, not obfuscated with white text and coloured back ground. No authoritative publication does this.


I agree! It's hard to copy pages, and difficult on the eyes. Otherwise it is a good site. Also, why is it necessary to log in? That also makes it more of a hassle to use. I know that this site replied that they took a poll, but what that poll misses is all the people who bypassed the site because of the objections stated above.

Site appearance

Several years back we implemented a "clean" black on white theme and there were howls of protest. So we did a survey and the existing dark theme won by 80%. Many commented that they liked it because it didn't look like all the other cookie-cutter news sites. Sorry, but your view is in the minority. Site members can still select the "lite" theme so perhaps you need to sign up.

update this page to mention book available on kindle

I'm just about to download this book on to my kindle. It might be an idea to update this page to
reflect the fact that it's available as an e-book.

Kevin King

Good point!

Good point Kevin! Indeed, The Resilient Earth is available from Amazon as an eBook.